New creative project

So I am very excited to announce that I have started writing my own music again after a seriously long time.  I have been spending the intervening years improvising of course and continue to do so with The Maydays but now it is time to start laying down some music in concrete form.  The guise that this has taken is by collaboration with the superbly talented artist, Claire Fearon whereby she paints in response to my music and I play in response to her painting.  The name for this project is to be confirmed as it is still early days but you can see a video of our first collaboration here:



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Heather and Joe’s road trip to Strasbourg

Yes we did it, we drove from Brighton to Strasbourg for the first Theatre d’Oignon Festival of Improvisation.  Featuring almost no footage of the festival at all, here is a little video of our experience…



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New musical improv comedy podcast

It’s been a while since I have posted anything here but this is an attempt to get my podcast feed back up and running. So here is our latest musical improv comedy podcast

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My favourite podcast so far

It’s been a little while since I have posted news of podcasts and things here so I thought I’d share what I think is my favourite podcast so far – Heather and Joe’s Psychadelic Singing Experiment number 2.

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Sing it! Now available

My new book, co-written with Heather Urquhart (of the Maydays) is now available to buy through our website or by emailing us at

Sing it! is a beginners guide to musical improv comedy and explains some of our favourite exercises from the point of view of both improviser and musician.  We have had loads of fun writing it, and a slightly harder time getting the book in physical form!

There are loads of backing tracks and podcasts on our website that are free to use, and can be used in conjunction with the book so go and enjoy!


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Heather and Joe go podding

Yes, we’ve been at the mic again for the latest in our podcasts about musical improv comedy.  If you are behind then get over here:

If you have some understanding of itunes you can subscribe here or search for singit.

Or you can subscribe to our regular rss feed.

If none of that takes your fancy then I suggest you lock yourself in a small room and hum something tuneful.

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Just messed about with “Somebody like you” substituting some chords for their relative majors/minors.  Interesting results but I dont think I’ll wait for her people to phone my people to write her next hit!

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Podcasts so far

Just thought I’d put links to my podcasts in one place.  Also, should get the rss feed working so you can subscribe and download any future podcasts with one click.

Music Theory Podcasts

The perfect cadence

The Modulation

1 and 5 podcast

Preparation Show

Tritone substitution

Major and minor show

Musical Improvised Comedy Podcasts




Genres 1: – Jazz

Genres 2: – World

Genres 3: – Rock and Pop

Feedback 1

Exclusive:Outtakes (Contains strong language)



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Verses podcast

Heather and I have just finished our third comedy musical improv podcast.  It is here:

Do let me know if you have any feedback.

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Slapbash footage

Just found that someone has made this lovely film of the improv event, Slapbash that happened last month in the old vic tunnels.  Crazy idea trying to geyt 5 improvisation troupes together, three musicians and no director!  Somehow we pulled it off…


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