South Side Story

Just returned from an amazing break in Madeira with the family, both old and young.  We were fortunate enough to take a trip around the island on a day where there was cloud cover.  I have not spent much time in mountainous places so have never witnessed the incredible feeling of looking down on clouds.  I have increased the speed of these clips by 800%.

I am planning on putting together a montage and perhaps writing some music to go with it.  I know that has already been done to incredible effect in Koyanisqaatsi, but I will give it a go!

Maydays show on Saturday was fantastic.  Our new Saturday night slot at the Komedia is working very well, and we can finally stop beating ourselves up about not generating an audience, we were sold out by Tuesday.  Here is a wee clip…

If you want to see and hear more, I have posted a slightly more detailed blog at

Finally, West Side Story at the secondary school I teach at this week.  The only consolation I can give myself at this stage is that this is exactly what I felt like before doing Les Mis with them last year.  Utter hopelessness!  Les Mis was a huge success and I can only assume that we will pull this one out of the bag as well.  The only terrifying thing is that I have to play the piano part all the way through, and if the orchestra gets lost, then it is my job to keep the music going.  All very well, but I think I might need to actually practise some of it at some stage before we open on Wednesday.  Damn that Mr Bernstein.

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