Podcasts so far

Just thought I’d put links to my podcasts in one place.  Also, should get the rss feed working so you can subscribe and download any future podcasts with one click.

Music Theory Podcasts

The perfect cadence

The Modulation

1 and 5 podcast

Preparation Show

Tritone substitution

Major and minor show

Musical Improvised Comedy Podcasts




Genres 1: – Jazz

Genres 2: – World

Genres 3: – Rock and Pop

Feedback 1

Exclusive:Outtakes (Contains strong language)



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One Response to Podcasts so far

  1. jovan says:

    dude your music theory podcasts are exactly what my ears need. concise, bite-sized tidbits of info from experience. while the improv / comedy ones are a riot and very encouraging from a creative perspective, the theory ones have made many a happy bus ride. all the best and do continue!

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