My name is Joe Samuel and I am a professional musician.  Most of my time is spent teaching, rehearsing, gigging, looking after my two kids, practising, arranging and working on my own music project, SeeChord.

I am a classically trained pianist and violinist, but have played a wide variety of genres in a wide variety of bands including  jazz, trance, world music, improvisation and folk.

I feel like I really found my niche back in 2005 when I started as the Musical Director of  The Treason Show which is a comedy sketch show also based in Brighton.  This was my first experience of working with actors and comedians and really put my arranging and performing skills to the test as we perform 12 parody songs every month! I am also the Musical director of  The Maydays, a comedy improvisation troupe based in Brighton, England. This is enormous fun and probably the most dedicated and professional group of people I have ever worked with.  Now Comedy music improvisation is becoming the most important creative outlet for me.  I have just finished co-writing the first of three books on the subject, written with Heather Urquhart, a fellow member of The Maydays.  Read our blog at MusicalImprovComedy.co.uk

“All the performers were fantastic, but it’s the music which really raised the level of the show. Joe Samuel on the piano is superb. He is able to both cue the performers into various directions, and also pick up where they’re going.” – Fringe Guru 2012

SeeChord is really where my own expertise lies in music analysis.  The idea came to me while teaching a piano lesson, and has demanded that I show it to the world ever since.  I am still in the process of development in schools and with professional musicians, and always appreciate any feedback.

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  1. Ron Bennett says:

    Very impressive, especially “SeeChord”