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My latest podcasts

I have added a load of new podcasts to the podcast page: Podcasts Please listen, enjoy and give me your feedback!

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Modulation podcast

Here is my latest music podcast about modulations. Where and when to use them and how to create convincing key changes. The Modulation

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First music podcast

Here is the first podcast in a series I am going to produce. It is an excerpt of a larger show that explores how music is constructed, starting with the basic tones of consonance and dissonance, and exploring how these … Continue reading

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First podcast ready.

This is the very first podcast about musical comedy improvisation that I have done with Heather, my musical improv partner in crime. Please listen and let us know what you think. Also watch this space for my how music works … Continue reading

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South Side Story

Just returned from an amazing break in Madeira with the family, both old and young.  We were fortunate enough to take a trip around the island on a day where there was cloud cover.  I have not spent much time … Continue reading

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Maydays take off at Komedia

  Last night’s Maydays show at the Komedia was a fine example of how an audience can make a show take off.  The studio bar was bulging not only with people, but with a warm excitement, a radiant benevolence for … Continue reading

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Giant Steps analysed with SeeChord.

Hello all, Here is a look at the ubiquitous “Giant Steps” by John Coltrane.  It is one of the first pieces of music I ever analysed using SeeChord and I can safely say I have never seen another chart like … Continue reading

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Mayday, Music Box and The Miller.

It’s been a fantastic run of gigs and general improv life this week.  Maydays were at the Miller (pub near London Bridge that is fast becoming the London home of improv) on Tuesday, trying out our new Confessions! Show.  The … Continue reading

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Stairway to heaven climbed!

Here is my analysis of the chord progressions in “Stairway to Heaven”.  Let me know if you have learnt anything! Stairway to Heaven analyzed by Joe Samuel

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Bohemian rhapsody exposed!

It is arguably the most popular song of all time, appearing in the top 10 of almost every top 10 song list ever.  Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen needs no introduction.  However, it does need analysing.  How do those crazy chord … Continue reading

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