This is the home of all things audio that I have created.  There are some podcasts about music theory, and some about musical comedy improvisation.  I will also be adding some musical creations of mine in due course.

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Music Theory Podcasts

The perfect cadence

The Modulation

1 and 5 podcast

Preparation Show

Tritone substitution

Major and minor show

Musical Improvised Comedy Podcasts




6 Responses to Podcasts

  1. K Janzen says:

    Just wanted to express my appreciation for these awesome theory podcasts. You do a great job of engaging the audience; my children have listened to all of them several times without complaint. The musical examples are awesome. We only wish there were more.

  2. Hi Joe,

    Your podcast about music theory is really good. I would like to get to know when you publish new episodes but I have not got rss to work. Do you have a twitter feed?

    Hmm maybe I need to fix this with rss…

    Anyway, you are awesome!


    • admin says:

      Hi Jens
      Thanks so much for your lovely comments! I have run out of inspiration with these podcasts as my life has been taken over with comedy improvisation. I have made loads of podcasts that I think are great and they are at http://www.musicalimprovcomedy.co.uk/podcasts but they are not about music theory. As for RSS I am banging my head against a brick wall trying to get it to work. I should be on top of it soon.


  3. Steve says:

    Music Theory Podcast series is excellent, thanks!

  4. John Mc says:

    Love the Musical Imrov Podcasts on the other site. However, I see that it’s not on iTunes. Are you planning to publish through iTunes so we can subscribe to automatically download?

    Keep up the good work


    John Mc – Improm2, Liverpool

  5. Tyler P says:

    Very nice! I particularly liked the one on bridges. Shame no one filmed the man acting as a hedgehog -I would’ve been interested in seeing that. =D

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