Musical Improv Comedy

Musical Improv Comedy

Musical Improv Comedy

Musical Improv Comedy is the name of the website and project set up by myself and Heather Urquhart of The Maydays.

We specialise in taking groups of people with no experience or particular ability and allowing them to be spontaneous and creative.  Creating songs in the moment truly focuses the mind on the present moment, the people around you and your own resourcefulness.  We facilitate groups to be non-judgmental and supportive to allow each individual to step gently outside their comfort zone.  We provide workshops to eveyone from complete beginners, established improv troupes and businesses.

Sing it!

Sing it - a book about musical improv comedy

Sing it – a book about musical improv comedy

Sing it is the title of our first book (we have three planned) about how to rehearse and perform musical improv comedy.  It is packed full of exercises, tips and musical techniques both for singers and musicians.  It is available directly through our website here.

We also have a large collection of podcasts and interviews with the illustrious figures in the world of musical improv comedy including Showstoppers and The Comedy Store Players.  You can listen to our podcasts here.





We love to enable bizarre and creative musical improv events.  Our favourites include improvised singing in the dark, ‘The Happening’ – an improvised beat poetry event with music, and our ‘Pianong’ – an experiment with 7 people who had never played a piano improvising on 7 pianos!  Check out the audio and video here or visit our podcasts page.



We have interviewed our favourite stars of the musical improv comedy world.  Have a listen to some of them here.

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